Mr.危 がやっている事はあの避け得なかった大東亜戦争に於いて 日本(ヒノモト)の(人類の)全てを喜びの表現に活し生かす為に、真中の尊厳の意志を貫いて逝かれた至誠の方々の行いを利用し、汚し貶める!この愚挙アタマの似て非なるお調子コキをど~しようⓒ我空


Mr. Abu is using the work of truthfulness and looking down upon the nation of Japan(Hinomoto) who have passed away with the intention of the dignity of Mannaka in order to make full use of all (mankind) in expression of joy in the Great East Asia War which was not able to avoid.

 What should we do to this similar but not real fool-fed brain?ⓒ我空