Wake-up Fileでの真の目覚めは洗脳からじゃないんだよ!洗脳等と言う糞の如きアク(灰汁)のこと何んぞど~だって良い底まで来た貴方が今正に、何を為すべきか!ナショナルに求心しその德をグローバルにギフトする真のコスモポリタン(≒命/ミコト)へⓒ我空


True awakening at Wake-up File is not from brainwashing! I don’t care about Aku (lye) like feces like brainwashing! Now those who have been able to come there, now what you should do!? To become a true cosmopolitan that centers on the nationality and presents the deep global dignity (≈ Mikoto)