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「Poseidon Crisis」は、世界の危機的状況を渡りきる為のゼミプロジェクトです。
「Wake-up File」ゼミは、名前の通り“Wake-up”=“目覚める”をキーワードにしております。

Poseidon Crisis / Wake-up File 予告編 Wake-up File 上映会日程



  • 拡散支援用DVD(2時間)※非売品です。(このDVD自体を販売しないで下さい。)
  • 拡散支援金:DVD1枚:一口三千円(一口以上、口数自由)
  • お申込み先: DVDお申込み
  • お振込み先:ゆうちょ銀行 記号00180-5-708399 一般財団法人真ん中Holdings
Wake-up Fileお申込みはこちら


~about「Poseidon Crisis/Wake up File」~

 「Poseidon Crisis」 is a semi-project for the people of the whole world to be able to cross over completely the world’s critical phases.

Following will be the information about the first stage called 「Wake up File」.

「Wake up File」seminar has “Wake up”=“open your eyes” as the keyword. You may sleep but if you’re sleeping at this moment you will be staying in a world of bad dream all your life.  Your alarm clock will be alarming you after hearing about the truth of the Great East Asian War by Mr. Gakhu. This is a DVD for you to realise the reality you’re in and when you’re awaken you will find yourself  not just being proud and dignified as a Japanese but also find that there is a snake almost at your feet.

We hope that many people will know the importance of this ”Wake-up”、so we made the DVD(not for sale) as a diffusion tool.


~Information on「Wake-up File Hands to Hands CUP AUG. 17」~

 We are opening an exhibition of “Wake-up File Hands to Hands Cup AUG.17”. We will be happy if you will pass this 「Wake-up File」DVD hand to hand hoping this act will be the first step for you to help along.  As you wake up,  you will be saying to yourself,「Oh is this my real Japan!?」The real wake-up means to act if you really realised it  and to take your first step to speak out !

This “Hands to Hands Cup” is a social stage for the individuals and companys to contribute and to diffuse to the society annually.

※For those who are willing to support this Cup, please apply as the following.

(Cup participants can all become a member of the GFJ)

※DVD may upgrade the version when needed.

  • diffusion support DVD(2hrs)※not for sale (please do not sell the DVD itself)
  • diffusion funding:1 DVD:3000yen for 1 contribution(you may contribute as many as you wish)
  • contact:wake-up@g-mania.style (please inform us the address for sending the DVD)
  • payee:Japan Post Bank   NO.00180-5-708399

send to :  Mannaka Holdings  General Incorporated Association

お気軽にお問合せください♪ TEL 03-5215-9699 受付時間10:00~18:00


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