OK!目が醒めたかどうかチェックしよう?真っ先きに闘うべき真の敵のNo.1はそ~ですMr.ご自身!うん?Are you OK?No.2は、やはり盲国家のMr.危(政権)だ!No.3が来てるなら外国と言った 区別と順序。誰だって真のアタタ交意敵は、己自身だⓒ我空


OK! Let’s check if your eyes woke up?Real enemy no. 1 is who you should fight firstly, Mr. Yourself! Yup? Do you get it? No. 2 is still a blind state Mr. Abu(regime)!  If No. 3 is coming it’ll be the foreign country. It’s necessary to have distinctions and orders. Anyone whose true enemy to fight to become Atatakaki is yourself.