Mr.危が やろうとしたことって!既に準備はしちまいましたが(TT)、要するにあの岸のトッツアンの時に軍事力を背景に遣りたい放題だった満州方式!国直接の公社運営(今は、小出しに経済戦略特区とか誤魔化してる奴!) をリセットしようとした甘危夢さⓒ我空


What has Mr. Abu tried to do!?We have already prepared (TT), in short it is the Manchurian method that Mr. Kishi had  wanted to do with the military force in their back! It’s the dangerous sweet dreams that tried to reset the government direct corporate administration (now, those who are devolving economic strategy special zones bit by bit!).