Y-Tubeで、国会中継なる茶番に出くわした、本当に国を愛しているのか?みたいな詰問をされた奴が抜けシャ~シャ~と”勿論です!”なんぞと応えていたが、国の為に死ねるか?と問われればこ奴は決っと “いや、自分の愛は不滅だから! ” とか言って死なね~よ!ⓒ我空


I came across Y-Tube, a farce of the National Assembly, there was a question “Do you truly love the country?” There was a man who had been questioned and answered “Needless to say!”, But could you die for the country? If this is asked, this guy will never dies but will say “No, my love is immortal!”