Wake up これで決まり!矢部宏治さんの知ってはいけないシリーズ”この国を動かす「本当のルール」とは”遂に出たね、やりました!この講談社現代新書が日本国民に燎原の火の如く広がります様に!目醒めた後の歩み方は四半世紀に恒り既に皆様に渡してあるねⓒ我空


Wake up It’s determined by this! Mr. Koji Yabe’s book series of you should not know “The real rule that moves this country” finally came out! I hope this Kodansha Contemporary Newspaper will spread to the Japanese citizens like the fire! For those awaken people you are already handed over for quarter of a century already how to advance forward.